Hello! I’m petrak@ (she/it). Thank you for stopping by my corner of the web.

Perhaps you’d like to learn a little bit about me, or read my blog.

  • Github: gamma-delta. I post a lot of code on here, including the sources to all of my mods and most of my games.
  • Discord: petrakat7604. You can also join the discord server for my mods and games here.
  • The Forums: petrakat, or petrakat_forum_admin for admin tasks. Chatting like it’s 1995! The forums are a more publicly-accessible spot for Hexcasting knowledge.
  • Twitter: @petrakat. I don’t really use twitter but it’s here for completeness’ sake.
  • Curseforge: petrak_at. This is where I post my Minecraft mods!
  • Patreon: petrakat. You can get cool cosmetic perks in my mods, access to my Minecraft server, and more!
  • Email: petrathekat <AT> gmail <DOT> com.
  • IRC: petra_the_kat on LiberaChat, Espernet, Snoonet, Site19. I’m not on IRC that often.

The Current Projects

  • Hex Casting, a Minecraft mod for stack-based programmable spellcasting inspired by Psi. I also make other Minecraft mods, but Hex Casting is the most popular by far. You can download it here. I’m half-retired from working on it right now.


Here’s some other blogs by people I know:

  • Vincent Lee - Minecraft modding friend
  • Vazkii - Minecraft modding friend
  • /var/log/ash - Cool robot friend
  • LemmaEOF - Combination Minecraft modding friend cool robot friend
  • Emi - Minecraft modding friend

And people who aren’t my personal friends but whose content I like nonetheless:

  • XXIIVV - Sustainable microcomputing and other esoterica
  • Gunnerkrigg Court - A webcomic about magic and the humans who try to marshall it into technology
  • Questionable Content - A (sometimes NSFW) slice-of-life webcomic with cool robots
  • Faster than Lime - My bi-monthy reminder I still have a lot to learn about Rust