Hello! I’m petrak@ (she/it). Thank you for stopping by my corner of the web.

Perhaps you’d like to learn a little bit about me, or read my blog.

  • Github: gamma-delta. I post a lot of code on here, including the sources to all of my mods and most of my games.
  • Twitter: @petrakat. I try to keep this for my professional work (at the moment, Hex Casting and Foxfire), but I do retweet fanart.
  • Discord: petrak@#9412. That’s U+FF20 FULLWIDTH COMMERCIAL AT, not a normal at sign. You can also join the discord server for my mods and games here.
  • Curseforge: petrak_at. This is where I post my Minecraft mods!
  • Patreon: petrakat. You can get cool cosmetic perks in my mods, access to my Minecraft server, and more!
  • Email: petrathekat <AT> gmail <DOT> com.
  • IRC: petra_the_kat on LiberaChat, Espernet, Snoonet, Site19. I’m not on IRC that often, but I sometimes hang out on espernet’s #vazkii channel.

The Current Projects

  • Hex Casting, a Minecraft mod for stack-based programmable spellcasting inspired by Psi. I also make other Minecraft mods, but Hex Casting is the most popular by far. You can download it here.

Hire Me!

Hi! I’m a broke college student, and I have trouble affording food a lot of the time. So, I’m looking for freelance work.

Mostly I do Minecraft mod commissions; some of my most popular mods were originally commissioned! I can also write you a small game, or a short story or some music … or something else perhaps. Just email or message me, and we can discuss rates.

Another really good way to help out is to subscribe to my Patreon!


Here’s some other blogs by people I know:

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  • /var/log/ash - Cool robot friend
  • LemmaEOF - Combination Minecraft modding friend cool robot friend
  • Emi - Minecraft modding friend

And people who aren’t my personal friends but whose content I like nonetheless:

  • XXIIVV - Sustainable microcomputing and other esoterica
  • Gunnerkrigg Court - A webcomic about magic and the humans who try to marshall it into technology
  • Questionable Content - A (sometimes NSFW) slice-of-life webcomic with cool robots
  • Faster than Lime - My bi-monthy reminder I still have a lot to learn about Rust