Got some bad news, everyone; I’m putting Foxfire on hiatus.

To put it shortly, Foxfire was too ambitious a project for me. I’ve never made a video game of this scope before; I’ve never released a paid game before; I’ve never done devlogs before … and to try to do all that on top of completely in-house tooling was just too much for me.

I do aim to come back to it at some point, though. But we’ll see.

In The Interim#

I’m going to work on some less ambitious projects, and develop my tooling and my skills. Right now, I’m working on a smaller game; a mystery game about deciphering robot language inspired by what I liked about Outer Wilds.

I will still try and post my progress on whatever it is I’ve been working on every week, though. (And patrons–you’ll still get the inside scoop a week early.)

I’m going to try to get myself into a more game-jam-like state of mind with these new projects, because I find that little bit of time pressure really keeps me from overengineering things in the name of perfection.1 I’m going to take things about one month at a time; if a project isn’t really going anywhere after a month, I’m dropping it, cleaning up the tools I made while working on it, and moving on to another one.

Not to be kitschy, but I’d also like to take a moment to thank all of you. Everyone I’ve revealed this decision to ahead of time has been nothing but supportive. I guess I have some anxiety about the existence of some evil group of fans who see me as nothing but a content generation machine … while they’re probably out there somewhere, one or two of them, I’m lucky to have not encountered them.

So. Here’s to some smaller projects, some better games, and uhh rule of threes.

  1. For example, there’s a whole registry system in Foxfire a la Minecraft for registering sprites, items, senses and their carrier radiation, … etc. ↩︎